Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday--what's on my camera

It's Monday again!!  But it's still just beautiful spring weather here in Texas, maybe it will hang around awhile.   Hubby and I are embarking on a little car adventure this week...please pray for us  :-)  heehee   My reason for mentioning this is the fact that I must hurry along today as I have much to of which probably needs to be a trip to the ER.
Diversion #1
Last week Chuck got himself a new ride and hubby and I were looking at it in the parking lot of the gym...I slammed my own hand in the car door and was pretty sure I broke my right index finger.  PAIN lots of pain!!!    Saturday we are out with friends and lo' and behold a man and a baby carrier caused a door to slam on the SAME FREAKIN" Finger!!!!  I'm almost positive it's broken this time. Very bruised and sore and throbbing! It's also hard to type so I'm trying something new today.. What's on my camera!
My camera stays in the kitchen because well, I cook so I take pictures in the kitchen.  So here you have random photos on my camera it gives me a good reason to clear it all off . Score!!!

We had salads last week, this was mine. Notice the olives                                                   
This was hubsters...notice the ranch dressing :0)

 Oh LAWD...this is Krazy Kookie Dough good.  Get some and eat and be infinitely happy!!
Good thing this is the only size this flavor comes in too!
Bacon frying..... loveliness in its own right

Green peppers and onions cooking in that bacon loveliness

ah ha.... I was making beans.  We had a cookout yesterday and made beans.  I've made them before on this site and it's sooooo yummy!

This is a great shot of our cutie Case and our big lug of a dog Kiss. She was just hanging out on the floor with Kissy gettin' some doggie love. 

This is handy Dan and his lovely wife JJ.  They came to visit this weekend, we had a blast!! Come back soon... please!!!

This is my new little St. Patty's day decor behind the sofa. 

Here is a close up.  I got that cute little shamrock dish at the Home Goods store last week when I had to go to the dentist.  Dentist trips are much nicer when followed by a stop at Home Goods!
Now that cute little printable came from this lovely site.....
eighteen25. I just love talented folks who share their gifts with the rest of us untalented folks!

Enjoy the week my peeps and I'll keep you posted but for now... I have to get the taxes done!!  FAFSA forms await!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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