Thursday, February 24, 2011

Road trippin'

Well the hubster and I are taking a little road trip. We are driving to North Carolina to check on his moms house and make sure it's ready to go back on the market and then down to the condo to check and make sure it's ready for rental season. Sooooooo I'm a really bad packer and I made this big mess

And just so the bathroom doesn't feel left out I messed it up real good too!

So I needed to take break and regroup. Did I mention I'm also a chronic over packer?? Yeah well I was a girl scout so I must be prepared for any event, right?????
Let's go make some scooby snacks for the trip. ;0). I think Chicken Salad Sammies are a good thought.

Let me explain my feelings on chicken salad....I'm a chicken salad purist. What does that mean exactly??? It means I don't put fru fru stuff in there. No grapes or nuts or apples or what not. Not that there is anything wrong with that stuff but for the most part, I make plain chicken salad.

Gather up this stuff

Put those two eggs on to boil. Oh come on...that's the hard part

yeah, that's more than two but i brought the rest with us

Now open the can of chicken and drain the juice and break it up a bit. Also chop up those eggs. How do you likey the retro egg chopper??? I love it!

Dump in that in a bowl and flop in a spoon full of miracle whip and pickle relish. A splash or two of Tabasco sauce with a couple of squirts of yellow mustard. Then toss in salt and pepper and some celery seeds.

Now mix that all together and taste until you get the seasoning just right

And that's all there is to it, just put it on some bread and in some Ziploc bags then just pack it up in and in the cooler they go. By the way it's now Wednesday about 1130 and we only have one left.

Now let's make some spiced pecans too (yeah I just can't face the packing again) grab some of this stuff

Coat your pecans in the honey then spread them out on a cookie sheet.

Dust them with a light coating of the blackening seasoning

Pop those in a 350 degree for about 12 mins. Just until lite golden brown.

Then put them in a nice mason jar and put it in the scooby snack basket

Then go back and face the challenge of packing and be a success!!!

Yeah, hubster says it looks like Vera Bradley threw up when I pack..hehehe

More updates from the road when we find a wireless connection.

Peace, Love and Yummies!!

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