Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DiGiorno pizza & hoops party

Happy Monday folks!!!   I was busy busy this past weekend but on Saturday evening I was most excited to have been selected as a party host for the DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops party from the House Party website.  Go there, sign up for a party and maybe you will get picked too!!  I have two more party applications pending so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more fun!!

First up I received the party pack a couple of weeks ago
Look at all the free fun stuff and not to mention SIX coupons for completely free pizza packs.  We choose the pizza & wyngz for our party

Better start getting those in the oven!!    DiGiorno kindly sent me coupons so all these pizzas were free!!!  I even received a bunch of $4 off coupons for my guests to take home with them.

First pizza out of the oven and getting cut

Now that little innocent looking plastic pizza cutter.....in a word  AWESOME!!! 
I cannot begin to describe to you how great that worked!!  Everyone kept trying to steal it from me!

Lots of pizza and several varieties to choose from!  Yummmooooo

Let's eat fellas!!

That's my "little" guy up there munching away on pizza.

Now that we've got our belly's full it's time to shoot some hoops!

Yep, my party pack included a hoop to get the party started!   We set the seeds and started playing our brackets

There might have been some blocking going on!

uh oh....the BamBam's got brought out!!
They were a hit too!!

it's getting rowdy in the house!!!

And the winner......

it's almost like the Olympics....well except the medal was plastic!! 

Here's the final shot of the brackets!

Yep...you guessed it.... DiGiorno sent us a pad to keep up with our hoops game!

We had a lot of fun with our House Party pack and I know all of you want to host your own party!
Once again head over to the House Party website and sign up to be a host. You never know you just might get picked and if you do.....please invite me! :0)

Thanks again to House Party and DiGiorno for the party.  We had a blast and if you didn't get to join us this time hopefully you will the next!

I have lots in store for you this week already... a birthday cake and chicken pot pie so stay tuned my peeps!!

Peace, Love and Yummies

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