Thursday, March 3, 2011

Louisiana yummies, Lot's of cooking and Red Lobsterish biscuits

well we hit the ground running when we got home from our LONG car trip!   Abogg was already home because we got those pesky braces taken off on Monday...FINALLY after 3 1/2 years so I made him some dinner.

yep.. corn on the cob back in our lives.  That meat is just a boneless pork chop grilled and some asparagus (also grilled a little too long by the hubster) and some green beans from a can and just boiled corn on the cob that I had frozen back in the summer.  Easy peasy and no messy braces afterward!

Our trip home on Sunday involved a stop at this little joint
(I couldn't find a webpage but they do have a facebook page.. search chicken on the bayou)

where I had this

yep that's a crawfish po'boy and a tea so big it wouldn't fit in the cupholder. was super duper yummy and we had to stop a LOT for rest areas after that tea!

Tuesday night we cooked again and I'm gonna show you my Red Lobster style biscuits

First grab these things

(notice the old enamel bowl... I found it at hubsters moms house and I'm in LOVE with it)
You need 2 1/2 cups Bisquick and then cut in 4 Tablespoons of cold butter
I had a pastry cutter but you can use a fork or clean fingers.
The mixture should have small chunks of butter (pea size) in it. Don't overmix
(after I started I realized my milk was expired so I found some buttermilk about to expire and used it instead.   Also grab some grated cheddar cheese and some garlic powder

now add 3/4 cup milk and 1 heaping cup of the cheese and 1/4 tsp of garlic powder

mix it to combine but once again don't overmix

I just used my handy dandy cookie dough scoop and scooped these out on a cookie sheet
It made a lot more than this but I flash froze the remainder and popped them in a ziploc bag to cook later. I'll let you know how that works out!
Now bake those 15-17 mins, at 400 degrees

Now we need to grab this stuff and let's make the topping to brush on

You need 2 Tbsp of butter, 1/4 tsp dried parsley flakes and 1/2 tsp of garlic powder.
(I just noticed I was supposed to use a pinch of salt as well)

melt the butter in the microwave and then stir in the parsley, garlic powder and salt.

Take those biscuits out of the oven
and immediately brush ALL the butter mixture on the tops

now add them to your plate

and enjoy...then go brush your teeth and be glad everyone in your house has garlic biscuit breath!
hehehehehe    It's all good in the hood!

Sooooo... I'm thinking about changing up the way I post recipes on here. Instead if the whole meal I think I may focus on one item but in more detail then finish it out with a shot of the entire meal.  You can certainly ask for the other dinner items and I will happily post those recipes for you!  What do you think?

gotta run...time to do the taxes my friends ;0/

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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