Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Great googly moogly peeps!!  It's been like a whole week since I posted!  I dunno what's wrong with me because I've been cooking and busy as a bee.    I didn't seem to take a complete series of photos of anything so I'm just gonna give you a recap of the past week.   It's ok....go ahead and squeal with excitement!!  oh...that's just me squealing, oh well here we go!

1) Something you must try if you are craving pancakes/waffles and don't want the mess to clean up
Now the homemade are tastier but you know, these are purty darn tootin' good!  Just squirt it out like whipped cream and you get this... can't beat that with a stick!

2)  A super quick craft project

Get yourself a nice old penny, a ring blank from the craft store, some patina folk art paint and some good strong glue

Folk Art Acrylic Paint 2 Ounces - Patina
patina paint color
E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive-3.7 Ounce
good strong glue

Just rub some of that patina paint onto the penny with a paper towel.  Rub off excess leaving paint in crevices and then glue that lil puppy right down on the ring backing.  Let dry and wear!

Ignore freakish hand and broken finger  :-)  cute little lucky penny ring for the Auction!!

3) go to auction and find a little treasure like these for 5 bucks!!  Not each people - TOTAL!!

Warning!!  You may be forced to remain at auction until midnight waiting for these to come up and then you may find yourself on ebay the next day trying to find more  :0)

4) Open the garage and stare at this mess.  

yep....It's a whole lot of furniture that hubster retrieved from his nephew in Houston on Saturday.  This all has to be cleaned and put back together.   On the bright side, we have finished two of the pieces!!
This is the smaller piece that was finished first (and yes, I know the lamp is all funkified looking on there but it works until I can find a better one)

We finished the larger dresser as well on Sunday.  We still have an armoire and a bed to put together. Any guesses to what I'm doing this weekend????  

There you have hodge podge makes no sense in a nutshell since I last posted post!  Have no fear for tonight is Shepherds pie and shamrock shakes for dinner.  See ya tomorrow at the blarney stone!

Peace, Love & Yummies

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