Thursday, March 31, 2011'd it get to be Thursday??!!!

This week is just flying by!!   I can't believe I've posted basically nothing all week!

My apologies and I believe I promised you a weekend full of hubsters cooking.  He was supposed to help me write this post but we're gonna just wing it and see what happens--be forewarned...there are TONS of photos today!!!

One day last week hubster wanted salisbury steak...he made this...we disagree I say this is chicken fried steak, he says it is salisbury steak. Breaded and pan fried cube steaks with white gravy over rice and green beans. Call it either one but it was good.  BTW- we still disagree on what to call this.

Saturday comes and hubster drags all this stuff out of my cupboards. Glad I was outside doing the man's 
woman's work and planting flowers and shrubs.

Flour mixture he used to cover the chicken

Pouring the beer into the can over the melted butter

yep, it's butt chicken  :0)

pooor Mr. Chicken, doesn't have a clue what's about to happen to him

well, at least he got rubbed first

he got a nice coating of the flour mixture

then he got a can full of beer and butter shoved up his honkus!!! heee heeee
Now he's hanging out on the grill where he stayed for several hours.
Hubster turned the grill burner on low on one side of the grill and Mr. Chicken hung out on the other side of the grill.

This my dears is a London Broil.  He's been hanging out in a marinade in the freezer for a couple months.  I put him in the marinade, then I food savered it and into the freezer he went.  We had high expectations for this guy and he did not disappoint. 

Hubster snuggled him into a blanket of foil and off to the grill he went

These are just canned baked beans

He apparently added all this to the beans

then he decided to add this too

then he so kindly wrapped my uber-expensive one of my favorite LeCreuset casserole dishes in foil before he put it on the grill. Sometimes I KNOW he loves me! 

This stuff just all hung out on the grill pretty much all afternoon while we slaved away in the yard getting flowers and shrubs planted!

Then our friends came over for dinner and brought this amazing potato dish and a salad (I think hubster forgot to eat his greens!!) and some bread.   We had butt chicken, london broil, potato casserole, beans, salad, bread and a strawberry cake dessert thingy. (that was from Kroger and it was surprisingly good)

Now on Sunday we have leftover chicken and the weather went from 80+ on Saturday to 40'ish on Sunday!!   great googly moogly
What's a girl to do???  Well, tell hubster to make homemade chicken & rice soup with the leftovers

Looks like we have celery, carrots, green onions in the pan.  I think there was some butter or oil in there too so they could saute but I'm not positive.

Now he added this stuff 
Let it simmer on the stovetop

Chopped up that leftover chicken from yesterday
Added it to the pot, now he just let it cook for a few hours all nice and slow

then we had a snack.  Yessireeeee bob that's the strawberry jam I made the other day and let me tell is goooooooood stuff!!!

It's cold and icky outside and hubster added some rice to the soup, let it cook and made me this nice plate of soup and bread.  It was yummmo

Well, don't you know we had some leftover london broil so hey....Monday night dinner was born!!!
I just put that London Broil over some salad and then enjoyed a big meaty salad. It was good too!!

Chicken gone, meat gone, bread gone, and the beans...well, I had those for lunch with a veggie burger pattie broken up in it on Monday.  No more leftovers. 

So what's your favorite way of cooking a lot and then re-using the food in a completely different way to use up the leftovers??    Leave me a comment and tell me about your big weekend cook once but eat all weekend escapades!!   

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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