Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Happy Sunday ya'll

Man o was 85 degrees and sunny bunny all day yesterday.  The hubster and I got the flowers and lots of new plants and hanging baskets and they are all planted with only 1 minor incident involving the sprinkler system.  I am proud to say it was not me who hit the sprinkler system with the shovel! :-)
But holy's in the 40's and 50's today and all cloudy and gloomy like.  It's a gloomy gus day for sure so I'm gonna stay inside, blog a little, do a little taxes and work on the condo bills and some new reservations that are coming in and maybe watch a little basketball!!   I'm a Kentucky girl at heart so I gotta cheer on UK now!

I bought some strawberries at the Sam's Club the other day and then I didn't know why so I made jam.  Seems like a logical thing to do.  Yeah, it's kinda jam because it's freezer jam but hey....I'm just beginning at this canning stuff so I gotta take it slow and easy.

Put those nice cleaned berries in a big bowl and smash 'em really good like.  I used a potato masher but I suppose if you have a food processor you could use that.  I don't so I mashed the old fashioned way...mashed the berries and working on my arm muscles at the same time!!

Get yourself some of this cool stuff at the walmarts store

Bowl those lids in a pot of water...yeah, yeah I only boiled the lids

Mix that packet of pectin and about 2 cups sugar in a bowl

Now pour the sugar over those smushyed up berries.   Mine are still chunky but I like my jam that way.

Now stir that all together for 3 minutes...yep, we are working out those arms today

Now ladle that jam into the hot jars and slap those lids on nice and tight

Let sit out on counter for about 30 minutes then send them to the freezer but save one jar for the fridge.

This will keep a year in the freezer and about 3 weeks in the refrigerator.  That's why I use the really small jars.  We don't eat a ton of jams or jellies so I would rather have the small jars and take them out of the freezer more often. 

Here is mine and the hubsters snack this morning.  This was some gooooood stuff!!  We were churning over all kinds of fruit jams to make as the fruit starts coming in this year!
He's making chicken soup now with the leftover chicken he grilled yesterday.  Tomorrow the post is gonna be his weekend cooking post.  Make sure you come back and see what my crazy hubby has been doing this weekend while I yard worked and he cooked!!!!

Stay warm and don't hurt yourself cheering for those CATS today!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies

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