Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back it up Back it up Back it up!!

well my peeps....I've been meaning to post and then dum dum dum dum computer crashed yesterday.  Yeppers it did!   I had just uploaded pictures from the camera to my laptop (27 of them to be exact) and for some weird reason before I can upload the photos to my blog I have to reboot my laptop. So I did, then I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms and came back down and the computer was "stuck".  So I rebooted again and went up to vacuum and dust upstairs. Finished that (this is thrilling content matter right here now!)  and came back downstairs and I'm still stuck on the little grey screen with and apple in the middle.  hmmmmmmm
Go find my Ipad and do a few searches on potential issues try a few keystrokes...PANIC wildly
Make reservation for 5pm at the Genius Bar at local store.  Remove yoga pants and attempt to find acceptable clothing, leave house.
Arrive at Apple store proceed directly to Genius Bar and await my fate!
Fortunately it was a software failure not a hard drive failure but in any event the nice man told me to make a rhubarb pie every week and bring to the store and this would never happen again...well that and properly put the laptop in sleep mode (yeah, I THOUGHT I was already) before moving it.
However if I knew how to make rhubarb pie I would because I just don't like that feeling of "OH MY GOSH IT"S ALL GONE".

So, they reinstall the operating system after the big question comes... Have you been doing regular backups?   Um yeah... I think.  Please God please God please let those backups be there when I get home.
You see my husband several months ago decided we need to purchase a 3TB drive to put on our wireless network so everyone can back up their laptops.  He then turned into the back up Nazi.  No lie...every single time one of the kids comes through the door he starts harping on "did you back up your computer yet"  well I personally just got tired of listening to him so I set Mr Time Machine to back my computer up automatically every night and well.....GOD BLESS THAT MAN"S SOUL!!!      I only ended up losing 27 pictures and those were the ones I had just moved from the camera to the laptop before it crashed.  Not a whole years worth of vacations, holidays, blog photos, etc.  Just the last 4 days of blog type photos.   I'm not complaining. No sirreeeee bob  I'm not complaining over losing 27 food pictures at all. I'm just here to preach it....BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS!!!!!   I would have been heartbroken if I lost the last year of our family photos so I'm just telling you...BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS.  Back up the kids computer, the neighbors, your mama's & everyone else you know.  I promise one day, you'll be forever grateful you did.  Because all that's left is the memory of the foods I cooked over the weekend and I can't share them with you but if you are so inclined you can come over and look at prom pictures, jamaica vacation pictures, new orleans photos and the last of our Kiss dog pictures and I'll happily show them all to you!!

Instead I leave you with this.... a wonderfully sinfully good milkshake I made.
It may or may not have included Baileys, Kahlua, Tres Leches cream liquor, ice cream and hot fudge sauce and sprinkles (duh). It was good and I could have used one last night while I was waiting for that restore copy to load.  You can bet your booty that my Time Machine is already rescheduled for backups and I've done one just in case.  Next item...purchase of Apple Care extended warranty since my warranty has about 24 days left on it.   Those hard drives can be EXPENSIVE!!!

Peace, Love & Backups


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