Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leftovers, Pinterest Brownies and a Craft Project

Now I'm not gonna lie folks....LL and I had our first Crafting Wednesday of the year yesterday and it was a crafting fail.  I was completely and totally uninspired and then when I decided to just put together my Mardi Gras wreath I didn't have the right DecoMesh ribbon....grrr.   LL had a couple things in mind and we started on one of her projects that involved using hammers, thumb tacks and a staple gun.  She's not too fond of the power tools so I assisted with that and she is doing the rest of the craft at her house.  She was also going to add some Vday oomph to a red Christmas wreath but we were short of ribbon and bling for that. felt like a fail day BUT we had fun and just hung out so I guess you can't call it a complete fail!!

So since my computer went all haywire loosey goosey wacko my mojo must be off and we've been having leftovers and pull togethers for dinner so here you go

Beautiful right???? WRONG...pretty to look at but not to eat
I've been on a baking FAIL big time this week!
Sorry Austonio  I didn't mean for your bday cake to fail!!

Kitchen chalkboard with Tuesday selections

why it's my Buffalo chicken salad of course!

So I've been seeing these on the Pinterest and I decided to see if I could change my baking disaster streak

Box of brownie mix and about 1/2 to 3/4 cup soda
It always talks about diet soda so that's what I used but later I found you can use any soda
Wish I had actually used that cherry coke or vanilla coke now!!  
Just mix the two together

pop in the oven as per directions on box
(I added a few extra chocolate chips to the top)

Bake about 7-9 minutes longer than the box indicates 

make your house smell delicious

cut and enjoy

we liked these but they have a very different texture
as served warm out of the oven.

We had leftover spaghetti sauce last night for dinner
I just boiled up some penne pasta, reheated the sauce and 
popped the Schwan's bread in the oven

Let's make a clock out of a tea tin

I found this on Pinterest (where else???) and the Court fell in LOVE with it
Found the tin on line and ordered it then picked up a clock kit at the Hob Lob yesterday

Hubster drilled a hole in the tin and inserted the clock part thingy

we added the hands to the front and ta daaaaa!!

Court has a clock for her kitchen now!!
I can't wait to find a cute little antique tin of some sort for my kitchen and do this for myself
I like the uniqueness of this little cutie!!

Now if you all aren't sound asleep by now.....have an awesome day!!
I have wine  book club tonight so I won't be cooking but I'll be laughing and having a blast with my new friends!!!   Got any suggestions for books this year??

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!


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