Friday, January 20, 2012

Pantry Organization

Happy Friday Peeps!!!

How are you this beautiful day??  I'm just not going to rub it in how gorgeous it is in Texas right now.  Unless you hate mid 70 degree weather and's just perfect!!!  We're planning a trip here tomorrow:

I still want to go to the rodeo...can't get the Hubster to take me, maybe for my birthday..hint,hint
I swear this is my favorite festival in this area!!  I love everything about it, the animals, the food (ooh lordy the food!), the atmosphere...everything!!!  I put my boots on and pretend I'm a real Cowgirl then I spend the next week trying to convince Hubster that we NEED to buy a ranch with cows and chickens and a pond and everything!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!
I lead a very sad and lonely life don't you think??

OK...back to my real life and that is one that involved a VERY VERY VERY messy pantry.
Just so you believe me, I took some before photos.

this is the top shelf had to be careful things could and would  fall on you
especially the chips...and I hate broken chips!

general shot of the first glance it doesn't look too bad....right??

well...look down because you could injure yourself!!   That floor was driving me insane!!
A complete mess!!!

So I did what any semi-insane sane woman would do... I completely emptied it!
and took quite some time to do that!

Even the door was emptied

Then I scrubbed it down with cleaner.   
scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.
How does a pantry get some dirty anyways??

Then I realized THIS is what I'd done to my kitchen....
oooh lordy lordy what have I done??

Mommy....somebody call my mommy!!!
I need help!!!

You know times are tough when this is the only safe place to put your tea!

OK... no more slacking around...let's get this stuff back in the pantry before hubster comes home and finds me crying in the floor.
Don't worry...I don't have to cook tonight. We're sampling freeze dried foods for his hiking trip.
I know...jealous you are!!

There we go!  MUCH better!!

and just look at that floor!!  Why you can actually stand inside the pantry now!!
By the way...that little white shelf was less than $13 at the wallyworld and my oh my it is a lifesaver!
it's perfect!!!!

bins and baskets oh my!
In my heaven, there is a container that is labeled for everything!!
HA-LEE-LOU-YAH and the angels sing!!!

It may have taken me all day but I'm feeling mucho better!

I still have labeling to do but I'm waiting to "live" with it for a bit to make sure I don't want to move things around...because quite frankly we're having a little trouble finding stuff right now!
That's the problem with Re-organizing you have to get used to where everything gets moved
Hubster even said "I hope you don't expect me to know where anything goes in here"

and the door.....nothing flying off here to harm you anymore
although...I think I need a long skinny basket for that bottom shelf for all the baking chips and such.

Now my pantry isn't as beautifully organized as say...this one!

But it works for my family (at least I think it does) and that'll just have to do!!
I'm just thrilled that nothing is falling off the top shelf on my head or I'm not crunching anything on the floor anymore!!  Find your bliss in what you have peeps!!!

Now in other equally thrilling and exciting news around here....I went to the dentist yesterday!
yep...I love going to the dentist for my cleaning.  I seriously do love it... I love the way my teeth feel when I leave AND I love that Home Goods is right by the dentist office! was a happy day indeed!!!

I've wanted a globe for so long so I got one.. yep plopped it right up on the mantle and I think it gives the whole thing a nice little pop of color that it so desperately needed!

Yes...that is a half dead poinsettia on the right
don't you still have your half dead Christmas decorations out??

I also bought a new lamp for the sofa table
The other lamp just wasn't tall enough and didn't stand out enough.
I love this one, it's heavy iron and with a burlap shade
Just what I was looking for!

Then I also picked up this new pillow. They only had one, I was sad because I love it!!  
I love fat fluffy birdies!!!  
I had nothing nada zilch in the dental category to send me back to the dentist. 
I'm sad, now I have to find another reason to drive over there to visit HomeGoods.

well, if you are still with me and awake through this thrilling and most riveting post of the year then well....God Bless You!!  
What has the New Year got you reorganizing? Show some photos too!! 
Come on....I know I cannot be the only one whose pantry had spiraled out of control!!
What about your house???  What needs a little extra organizational love??

so I tip my hat and say have a good 'en!

Peace, Love & Cowboys!


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