Monday, January 23, 2012

the day I fell in love with Ms. Faith (a cow).

Just so we are all clear you are about to be bombarded with way too many photos of cows and pigs and sheep and such!!  No really, we're gonna top out at close to 70 photos!!  Hey, if you want more just yell I have close to 200 altogether!!  If you can't stay around long enough to read the entire post make sure you at least read about my new love Ms Faith and how she stole my heart!

Saturday hubster and I went to the Stock's one of my favorite favorite "festival" type things to do here in Texas.  Could be my all time favorite although BBQ on the River in my hometown of Paducah, Ky. ranks right up there!!!

I love the Stock show and it makes me want to beg The Pioneer Woman to let me come live with her for awhile!!  Please PW ...pretty please!!!!   Plus that lady can COOK, don't you know!

hold on to your horses (and cows) here we go!

First stop...the Borden booth to see Elsie the Cow and Beauregard.
We saw them at the State Fair too...they remembered me  :0)

Some cattle judging
Don't you love the banners hanging from the ceiling rafters???

And now I give you Ms. Faith.
The approximately 1,800 lb. girl who stole my heart at the stock show.

I knelt down beside her to give her ears a rub and talk for a bit....

Her owner had just told me all about how they weren't just quite sure how much Ms. Faith weighed because well....her behind was a tad too wide to fit in the scale stall.
Being a girl who loves butter and cheese and all I decided to comfort Ms. Faith with some ear scratches and a little pep talk.  You know about loving yourself for who you are and not your butt size.

Well that big ole' lump just flopped her 1800# self right over onto my lap like she was a little ole' lap dog!  No lie...her head is resting on my other leg, I have the cow slobber on my britches to prove it!

Ms. Faith and I are having a very intimate conversation about how she needs to come live in my backyard so I can love her and feed her cheese and butter!!

Seriously....this big ole' girl just stole my heart.
It was worse than going to the dog pound to get a puppy. 
I REALLY wanted to take her home with me.
The love of an animal....such and amazing thing!

I know this family loves Ms. Faith and if I'm ever around Humble, can bet your bottom dollar that I'm looking up this farm and going to visit Ms. Faith!!

Now the hubster says "no you can't have the cow" and let's get moving.
So we checked out the cows.

this looks like cow beauty salon time...

Sometimes you just need a nap!

These kids were practicing out in the area between the barns.

the younger boy...never missed!

a baby & its mama

I seriously want to blow this picture up and hang it in my house!
Just 2 old cows hanging out.
Can you IMAGINE the conversations they are having....
"Bessie, did you see that cuuuute shirt that girl was wearing"
"No Gertrude I didn't but that man over there...well now that's one fine cowboy!!"

I think I should get out more.....

we have so many of these endearing photos of kids asleep with their cows. could feel the love they have for these animals

it's a duck standoff!

more babies...a whole plastic tub full actually!

Boy, I say boy!!

a fashionable variation

and I thought I was having bad hair days!!!

you guessed it....just laid an egg!!!

I'm hungry...time to eat at our very favorite spot

the line is always HUGE but worth the wait!

this is how they are cookin' up the grub
(can I get one of those for my fire pit??)

Let's see we have us a "Trail Boss" with a unsweet and a raspberry tea


the meat, the cheese, the jalapenos....the love!!!

Kinda full so let's go check out the auction
Here we got a whole family and the baby was none to happy to be in that pen

"what...are you guys talking about me??"

the auction of these cows sold while we were watching for $25,000!!!!
this is serious business...I better get the hubster out of here before he starts buying cattle cause you know the man loves himself an auction!!

Back to the Watt Arena to watch a little more cattle judging

does this say Texas or what??

I think this little man took 3rd place .
He was handling that cow like a pro!

here comes the cavalry!
not really...but they looked like they were having a blast!

My husband took this for me while I was in the ladies room...
If I find out it was Charlie Hunnam in real life...I'll just die!!!
Then my doctor and I would be having a serious chat right about now about how my bladder is keeping me from experiencing life to the fullest!!

another mama and her baby

training up the little guys to grow up to be ranchers
our country may be saved yet!

hey...who are you looking at!

the serenity in those faces!
even a cows gotta get a bath every day

I'm not gonna lie...these are not my favorite breed of cow BUT
this one was rather sweet

baby love...oooh baby love

oooh....she's getting the calf to feed on mama cow

more kid/cow love

and more baby love

apparently cows are awesome animals to nap with!

sometimes a cowboy just gets tired!

the cattle of my favorite stops

I know...I be looking fiiiine!

yeah well I be stylin' over here in my zebra print coat

a view of the sun streaming in the sheep barn

oh you know this one will be getting a hair cut soon

just  beautiful

I totally loved seeing the kids doing the work and getting the animals ready for show

a pile of pigs....seriously that just warms the heart
and makes me think of bacon....oh puh-lease!!!

hello...hello....someone there????
I can't see a thing!

baby chicks...just hatching!

now it's piles of baby ducks!!!

and another shot of the pile o' pigs!! 

we called him Arnold Ziffel

and this...was my very favorite entry in the young artist show
If you know this kid....I want to buy this picture. husband will pay a hefty price for it to make me happy!!
(ok...maybe not hefty but hey, he really would pay a fair price)
I'm totally in love with this and this kid has a serious future ahead of them!!!

tomorrow we cook again but in the meantime..
Peace, Love & Cattle


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