Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2011 faves

well folks it's time once again for the Best of 2011.  Can you believe it is 2012??!!!  Seriously what happened to last year??   We have a big year coming up with lots of exciting events and I solemnly promise to do my best to blog at LEAST 4 times a week.  I'm tweeting now too so hopefully we can lift this blog to life and you'll stay around for the fun and maybe even bring a friend or two over to join us!!

Let's see what the best of the year was!!

January.... HANDS DOWN my favorite of the month (maybe the year)
                 I taught myself how to make Shrimp & Grits.
                 Head over here ya'll to make this yummy thing yourself. Be prepared to Slap Yo Mama!!!

February....I had a hard time this month but in the end it was the Smashed potatoes that won out!

March.....well this was really difficult as apparently March I started falling off the posting bandwagon. 
                However, this was probably my favorite because it made me actually LIKE cauliflower

April....oh yeah, it was Strawberry Pie for the month of April

May ....brought an almost 2 week long beach vacation so not much cooking went on around these parts 
            but I did make these  yummy ole' fries

June....brought too much heat, not enough rain and these bacon stuffed potatoes

July...some kinda good for you but then I fried them and made them bad Avocado Fries
         they must have been super dee duper good though as this is the best photo I had!!

August brought vacation in Jamaica and back to school. Thankfully it also brought us a Pinterest inspired dinner

September brought us more hot weather and only 4 posts from me!! That's crazy nuts and completely unacceptable!!  On the bright side, two of the post were so yummy I couldn't decide so September gets two entries!!  The first is this totally to die for Broccoli Pasta Salad

and the second is this Tailgate in your Kitchen yummy sandwich

October rolled in warm and then turned cold but then warm again and with that I had several recipes that I had a hard time choosing between but in the end I saved you (and me) from another potato recipe and went with a new version of meat in the crock pot.  Crock Pot BBQ Pork is now my favorite way to make pork in the crock of pot!!

November brought my dear Brother-In-Law from the islands o' Hawaii and we did lots of crazy fun things like tiling the kitchen!!  We also did a little cooking...and I mean LITTLE because I used my new BabyCakes machine probably a tad too much.  But I also started making these little gems
from my new doughnut pan!

And December rolls around and another year has flown by!  I made tons of peanut brittle and Christmas Crack but let's just finish the year with the unhealthy meal of the year....Chicken Fried Steak

hey... it was the holiday season!!

So there you have some highlights of the year from ye olde SammaSpot!!
I promise to make better efforts this year if you promise to hang around with me!!
I love all my bloggy friends and let's make great things in 2012!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!


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