Friday, January 27, 2012

Ever have a "MADE" day?

A MADE day you know the kind of day where you have to MAKE yourself do everything?
I think they call it having the blues, the blahs, a pity party...I could go on but you get the idea.
I've had one today and just for no reason at all I'm gonna show you the extent of what I literally had to MAKE myself do.

I didn't feel well when I got up so I MADE myself go get some tea
surely a little hot tea would make me feel better

Then I MADE myself have some breakfast
toasted wheat english muffin and peanut butter
and my medicine

Then I finally MADE myself get out of this stool and off the computer
even though it was what I felt like doing

Then I MADE myself make the bed
you know to keep me from crawling back in it and pulling the covers over my head

then I MADE myself get up out of this floor 
because you know I just plopped myself into the middle of it and cried.
I cannot explain why making the bed made me cry but it did
I guess you just need to cry sometimes... lots going on around here and I think it just spilled out of me today.  Literally spilled the form of tears pouring and streaming for quite a while.

I finally said " are being ridiculous! You are very blessed! Get up!"
So I MADE myself shower...and aren't you ever so glad I didn't take a picture of myself in the shower? 
You're welcome!

And I MADE myself get something other than yoga pants
then I took a picture.  Now folks I absolutely positively hate hate hate having my picture taken much less take one of myself. But we're being brutally honest today and I've never considered myself to be be very photogenic like at all.  I just look all weird and dumb and's the truth and you'll see today is no exception but I'm dressed.

Then I MADE myself put on some makeup and comb my hair and not put it in a pony tail and you know what... I still feel like H E double hockey sticks! 
eh, so much for trying to make yourself feel better this way!
Do you have those days...please tell me I'm not the only weirdo out there??
On a side note, I think at my doctors appt. that's coming up we're gonna have a little chat about this Graves Disease and the corresponding "blues" that goes along with it.  **sigh**

well... there's always chocolate

I grabbed these little things because those bananas were about to reach the point of no return

put a piece of parchment paper on that cookie sheet

sliced up those bananas

slap some peanut butter on them and hey for fun...I made them double deckers

that right there is a tray full of goodness already!

now melt about 1/2 cup of chocolate chips with some milk
(yeah, that was way too much milk..I had to add a LOT more chocolate chips)
Microwave it in 15 second intervals until melted and dipping consistency 

pick those up and just give them a good chocolate bath

put them back on the tray and for grins and giggles
crush up some plain M&M's and sprinkle on top
Pop them in the freezer...thank me later! :0)

Since I don't like to waste things and I had a lot of chocolate left over
I put some peanut butter on the ole' Ritz cracker

dunked that baby in chocolate too

until I ran out of chocolate and then I popped these in the refrigerator until they hardened.
It was good but still bummed out but then this came in my email
and the blues were temporarily forgotten!

Yep... I won another House Party and this one is for HGTV and House Hunters...two of my favorite tv things!!   I can't wait until Feb. 17th.  We're gonna have snacks, play a new HGTV House Hunters Bingo game, maybe have some prizes, drink a little wine, guess which house they pick, discuss on end about why we think they picked the right/wrong house and NOT answer a single man's question about "why do you like this crazy show so much?"  Because we just do..that's why!!! 
If you are in my neck of the woods around Feb. 17th, then just come on over!! We'll be partying!

And now I think I'll go sample one of those bananas because I'm still feeling "blah".
Keeping it real today!

Peace, Love & Yummies!

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