Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eggplant Parmesan..corrupting healthy vegetables daily

Hey there Peeps
Happy Wed-Nes-Day or Hump Diddy Hump Hump Day!!

I've no reason at all for taking so long to get this post up...none whatsoever because you know it's not like I've been doing a ton of cooking.  Let's recap since last Friday shall we?
Friday night....out to the town of springer to watch Mere cheer  (We had Mickey D's fries on the way)
Saturday night... boys night out at the movies and LL and I took some photos of Little LL before winter formal. Then LL treated me to yummo bad for me appetizers and a margie-rita for dinner.
Sunday...we made Eggplant Parmesan and I'm gonna cover that for you shortly
Monday...hubster was full from too much lunch, requested no dinner.  I had fruit
Tuesday...back to the town of springer for another basketball game and we had popcorn after we got home and watched Alcatraz (FINALLY-the first episode) and Justified.

Yeah...I'm not winning the healthy choice award this year already am I??  Eh, sometimes you just have those kind of weeks.  I'm cooking tonight so bear with me but until then...let's see what the Eggplant Parmesan turns up for us.

One thing about uploading your photos from the camera that just hangs out all the time in the kitchen is you never know what you will find!  
This is Mere...she was cold, like all weekend and like it wasn't cold this weekend
Either that or we have a purple ghost

First thing first need some eggplant and then you need to get the skin off 
and slice them

Then you need some lightly beaten eggs in a bowl
And some Italian bread crumbs in a plastic bag
The plastic bag is crucial....(lordy I don't know why my husband gave me a plastic bag of bread crumbs)
Dip the eggplants in the egg mixture then put them in the bread crumbs and coat them well.

Get your pans ready---just give them a quick spray
We usually use disposable pans but we couldn't find any just the right size so we used glass with lids
The one with the foil will be for the kiddos at college. That way we can cut in in half for each of them.
Purty smart don't cha think??!

Make sure you got lots of this cheese
I mean like LOTS of cheese.
Do NOT be stingy with the cheese people.
Hey, I already warned you about making healthy veggies not so healthy

Now take those breaded up eggplants and go outside where your deep fryer is heated up

and fry you up some eggplant

Then take them out and let them drain on some paper towels while you start another batch

yeah, there's one missing. You judging me now???'s always a good idea to test the food your cooking

Now if you have successfully blown the GFI outlets and the thrown the breaker in your house
You will need to take that stinky oil into the house and fry on the stovetop.

Yeah...we did blow all the GFI outlets AND the breaker
I think we might need to call the electrician back
Oh and we need a new deep fryer...we threw ours out, you know just in case it was the fryer causing the disruptions

Once you get a nice amount of eggplant fried, start layering it in the bottom of the dish

break up those pieces and fill in the gaps

now take some of this stuff....whatever kind you like or whatever is on sale at your cost co store

Pour the marinara over the eggplant

give it a nice blanket of marinara

now pile on the cheese

don't be cheese stingy...pile it on
Keep repeating the layers and end with cheese on top

Now cover them up and put them in the freezer.

Except the half one that you have leftover then you want to just go ahead and bake that in the oven
on about 350 until that cheese is nice and golden brown

Now when I freeze them and want to use them later just take that out of the freezer and pop in the oven and do the same thing.  It'll just take a bit longer since it's frozen but it'll be good and you'll be glad

Some nice bread and a salad would've topped this meal off nicely.
Too bad we didn't have any!

Now while you have the fryer out and going....grab those potatoes and onion and jalapenos that are laying around waiting to be used and toss those in that hot oil

Yep, no breading no batter no nothing just potatoes, onions and jalapenos
They were good folks...just really good!

Now the other night when I had fruit I mixed me up some greek yogurt and some nutella
(yeah I saw this on the ole' pinterest)

dipped my fruit in this 

yummy snack I tell you...yes indeedy!!

well folks that's all....that's all it takes to make a nice eggplant unhealthy LEAST you are eating a vegetable!!
What kind of cruel things do you do to your vegetables??
Ah come on...You know I'm not the only one who does it!!

Peace, Love & Yummies


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