Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday mish mash

Well hello once again peeps!!
Today is going to be a mash up of all kinds of things great and good!
(In other words..there's no rhyme or reason to today's post)

It's just a mess o' fun today I tell you!!

So last Friday it was almost my birthday....and I decided to make myself some little cuppiecakes
You know because I can!

I am pretty sure my sister and I are the only ones keeping this flavor on the market
Cherry Chip cake with Cherry Frosting....we do have an appreciation for the finer things!
and yes..I'm aware it's lopsided. I blame the BabyCakes machine.
Had to be....I'm pretty sure I had NOT started on the wine yet.

A sea of pink loveliness!!!

The UPS man brought this to the door.
My party pack for the HGTv House Hunters House Party...gonna be fun
You should come!!

Then I made this
Yes, I know you've seen it but I was proud of this one!!!

NO!!  I don't have old-timers.
I know you saw this too but this not da' bomb diggity bom bom 
especially for a 21 year old boy

Fast forward..It's Saturday..It's MY BIRTHDAY
But I have to get up early to go pick up my Bountiful Basket order
That's the regular fruit & veggie basket

This was the Guacamole add on basket
12 avocados!!!!

I tried to get everything in the picture but there was so much
it wouldn't fit!!!
Good week indeed!!!!

So while I was gone to get the basket
Hubster was gone to pick up some flowers
I know he's sweet...right??!!!

He got so many we made two bouquets!!!

Then we had to decorate because the Abogg was on his way home

This is the requested "cake".
Well the cookie was....I added Darth myself  :0)

This DID go back to college with him.

A shot of the gifts that made it here in time.
Bowflex is kinda slow....he also got a set of dumbbells 
who knows when they arrive!!

It was a combination Star Wars....Now you can legally drink party
Yep...a 21 year old boys dream!!!
(by the way; the inflatable light saber actually lights up!)

No party is complete without balloons!!
He took the big Darth Vader one back to school

AND you need to stretch star wars streamers across the door of their rooms 

And hang them from the ceiling fan
(yes, his fan is kinda broken right now)

Darth had a good time and it was a good birthday weekend for all!

Now all of the avocado's weren't ripe enough for Super Bowl Sunday
but I made a way toooo big of bowl of guacamole yesterday

love on a chip

Because I've been asked...these are the ingredients, I have no exact measurement
Chopped tomatoes (or salsa in a pinch)
Chopped onions
 Tiny bit of cilantro
Chopped fresh jalapenos
Lime juice
Splash of orange juice (seriously this makes all the difference in the world!!!)

Barney the Beta fish got a new tank today
He's happy he could move into a bigger house!

and they finally got more African Dwarf Frogs in at the pet store
So Darrell...his brother Darrell and Gary the Snail
are all swimmingly happy 

the end......

What have you been up to?
This is almost like playing what's on my phone?!
Feel free to upload a funny phone photo in the comments!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!


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