Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lest you think I ran away.......

I didn't... I just was busy doing other things.  Don't get me wrong I have cooked...just not much exciting.  Let's see if I can catch you up:

Friday night:  Hubby and I invaded my son and his girlfriends plans. We had homemade pizzas and then we all watched the movie Up in Air.  Good movie and very relatable if you have ever traveled extensively for work.

Saturday was so GORGEOUS but really windy!  We made a morning run to Home Depot then home to work.  Hubby mowed the yard while I snagged my son to help me dig holes for new flowers and veggies and such.   We decided to try our hand at container veggies this year.  One pot has cucumbers and bell pepper, another pot has squash (I wanted zucchini but they had none) and another bell pepper.  And this is what they look like beside the shed in the back yard.  I love love love the pots and so glad hubby talked me into spending a little more for these than the others I had picked.  Ok... a lot more but that's a whole other home depot argument to be discussed!
That's also our little red plum tree that we didn't think made it through the winter but he did!! yippeee!!
Now here is a close up of what's in those pots!

and the other side

see those cool yellowish brownish reddish pots!!!!  Love them..thanks hubby!!!
Now on the porch is the tomatoes (which we have the Warden's to thank for this trick..very successful last year)  and one small pot of basil and one small pot with a Mucho Nacho jalepeno pepper plant.

seriously, how can you not buy a plant called Mucho Nacho!!! 
Now... we planted a yellow jessamine which I hope grows and climbs all the way up the porch post!

Hopefully there will be a new hot tub nearby very soon. C'mon other house...SELL!!!
Now, the rose bed was looking a little sparse but hubby thinks three rose bushes are enough. I think NOT but in the meantime we filled with some purple dahlia's.

The pot on the left holds parsley and thyme that made it through the bitter winter! yippppppeeeeee!!!
Now here's the other half of the bed:

And the pot on the right is my mint that also survived. Woohooo...we will have Mint Juleps again this year!!!
Here's the full bed shot from a distance.

That window has a matching size one on the far right of the house and is my breakfast area. Now...don't you think it needs a few more rose bushes! Imagine the smell in the kitchen when the windows are open. :0)
And last but certainly not least, we are trying strawberries this year.  Yes, we had to hang them on the fence as the dog likes them as much as the Mere!!!  Hopefully the dog will save some for Mere.

and there are two total...hoping the lower basket isn't too low!

Now for the best part of the day.  I have Christmas money saved that I wanted rockers from Cracker Barrell so off we went to FINALLY get them and here they are on the porch!

I'm so sorry we didn't get a picture of us getting them home because it was the Beverly Hillbilly's!!  Jed and Ellie Mae driving in my convertible, top down with two rocking chairs in the back with winds up to 50 mph on Saturday.  That was funny!!!!!!  Hubby asked me to please slow down at 60mph on the interstate because he wasn't sure he could hang on, we did lose a fabric reusable grocery bag in the travel but thankfully no scratches on the car.
Soooooo, as you can see I was busy Saturday even though I wasn't cooking. We went to dinner at Chuck and SuePoo's and had chicken fajitas with fixins' and lemon squares from the Pioneer Woman.  I turned SuePoo onto that site and she loves it too!! I'm making the lemon squares on Sunday they were yummy.
I only made black beans, refried beans and some rice to take over so nothing worthy of a photo.  We also watched another Oscar contender movie: The Hurt Locker, also very good somewhat depressing.

Sunday:  My sweet boy decided to head back to Waco early so he could watch the Baylor Bears with his buds.  Have I mentioned my escalating hatred for Duke basketball???  I digress.... we just unthawed some burger patties and hubby grilled them up and I found a bag of frozen corn in the freezer and a partial bag of frozen hashbrowns.  Tadaa  dinner is served.
I had planned to make dinner last night but hubby came home and we ran to the rock place to pick out the stones for the front flower bed work to occur on Saturday so he wonderfully suggested Papa Murphy's pizza!  I love pizza, could eat it everyday so I happily agreed and we'll have the Chicken Pot Pie tonight!  Adios peeps...gotta clean today!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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