Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no pics...just dinner

well, in an effort to enjoy the 75 degree sunshine yesterday I avoided going to the grocery and washed the dog and my's gonna rain today.  Oh well.....surely another beautiful spring day is coming.   In my effort to avoid the grocery I managed to dig up some grub for dinner to which my sweet hubby proclaimed to be one of the best we've had in awhile.  I'm so lucky...he LOVES leftovers.   I found half a package of hot dogs in the freezer along with an almost full jar of kraut in the fridge.  Sooooo there it was...dinner. Kraut and weiners, black eyed peas, green beans and biscuits.  Apparently kraut and weiners must be a Kentucky thing or maybe it was just our house any case my hubby loved it and we finished off those black eyed peas in the fridge.  Speaking of dinner... I need to go get it in the crock pot because rain or not on my clean car I must go to the grocery today or at least Sprouts to get fresh veggies and fruit.   
I promise to have pictures tomorrow, besides LOST was on last night and I was way to psyched about watching it to think about pictures and such.  

Peace, love and yummies folks!

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