Friday, January 14, 2011

Chicken cordon bleu and a new grocery store

Hey ho peeps!!! Friday happy dance!!!!

So yesterday I went here

It's our new Signature Kroger. It has food, furniture, home decor, pharmacy, etc. The first thing I see upon entering the store is something that I want to know where it was 19 years ago??? Shopping carts that are little cars with.....wait for it......VIDEO SCREENS showing cartoons!!!! The adult can control the videos and change the cartoons. SERIOUSLY how ingenious is this???!!!

Anyway moving on to the floral dept.

Gorgeous flowers with great prices. The produce was nicer than Wallyworld but I will continue to trek over to Sprouts for produce and meat. You just can't beat the quality and prices at Sprouts!
The next area AWESOME....

You can't see it all but it's the deli, bakery, pre made food stuffs area.
They had tons of pre made dinners, soup bar, sushi bar, olive bar, salad bar, made to order deli sandwiches. Really nice area and they have Boarshead deli meat. This was impressive!!
So the rest of the store...nice and clean and bright. I'm not sure how I feel about the layout, it was my first visit so I'll hold my opinions on that until after I have been a few times and after the grand opening crowd settles.

Onto dinner...the last of the kiddie headed back to school last night so I asked Court what she would like and she said "chicken cordon bleu". I think she was surprised when I said ok. Mr Schwann's man helped me out there so here is dinner!

Looks fancy but took 30 minutes and it was all packaged. My point is once again, you don't have to kill yourself to give your family a nice dinner. Here are the individual dishes so you know what we use.

Seeeee nothing to it and the bread came from the new Kroger bakery. Just a round sourdough. Then to top it off, we even had dessert.

Just Kroger angel food cake with strawberries from the freezer section, a little drizzle of chocolate syrup topped with some whipped cream!

Gotta run get dressed to meet my dear friends from the old workplace for lunch!!! Have an awesome weekend and hey, drop me a comment on your favorite store bought home made dinner!! Let's see what kind of awesome still healthier than eating out meals we can come up with!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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