Tuesday, January 11, 2011

leftover potatoes and such

Happy TuTuTuesday everyone.  Do you think everyone would think I was bonkers if I got this and wore it every Tuesday??    heeheee    Oh how I wish I could!!

anyway, back to reality

Sunday morning I was nosing around the kitchen for a little something to eat. Not breakfast and not lunch and not really brunch either.   Anywho.... I found some leftover roasted potatoes in the fridge and all sorts of toppings leftover from homemade pizza night that I came up with this little concoction.

First off I started the pan with some olive oil and then threw in some green peppers and onions.  I let those cook up a bit then I tossed in the leftover potatoes and some Canadian bacon chunks.  Then I found some tomatoes and tossed those in too.  I left everything get all nice and warm and cozy then I threw some shredded cheddar over the whole kit and caboodle.  Let that melt a bit and spent the next few minutes slapping hubby's fingers off my plate.   It's OK, I did share with him. These were super duper yummy too.  I bet I know what I'll be doing with those leftover potatoes from now on!!!

Since I'm trying to make a complete commitment to my blog this year.  I'm starting out by finding out from you guys...what do you want to see more of?  Food? Family? Disasters? Crafts?  All of the above?
Please drop me a comment and tell me what you like to see on here.  Surely you have something you like to read about and hey, I'm ok with you saying  "I really like seeing all the things you get botched up".  Sometimes those are the funniest and most memorable things that happen and then get retold later on during holiday gatherings. 

I do have the most wonderful lasagna recipe to share with you....as soon as I find it again!!  We had it for Christmas dinner and it was yummmmmmmoooooooooo!!!

Don't forget to drop me a comment so I can talk about the things you want to hear and not ramble on about things you couldn't give a flip about.   Peace out......

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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