Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sandwiches, chips and a shake

It's hump ditty hump hump day!!! Wow is anyone else blown away by how fast January is going by???? Crazy I tell ya just crazy!!!

Well last night we skipped the club again....yea I know but don't bunch up yer drawers we are going tonight fo sho!! I'm already ready just waiting on the hubster to get home from work. I actually did 30 minutes of yoga yesterday on the Wii and then 30 minutes on the elliptical today so I'm doing ok, right???? So tell me this why on earth when you are trying on workout clothes do you feel like you need to workout more just to look ok enough so that people don't say "geez if she is gonna wear the workout clothes then she should actually workout!". I thought shopping for bathing suits was rough.

So let's talk about dinner and the hubsters nasty habit of eating two lunches or eating lunch so late that he's not hungry when he gets home as was the case yesterday. He also thought he was getting sick because his tummy didn't feel so great but turns out....he was hungry after all and after he ate he felt much better. So we topped off the evening watching his show V and then another episode of Deadwood on DVD. I swear Calamity Jane is hysterical on that show!!!

Back to dinner...didn't have anything planned so this was spur of the moment kind of dinner.
First up I'll show you a pic of all the things I drug out

You can see I started assembling the sandwiches. There is Boarshead roasted turkey meat, jalapeƱo olive relish, some diced up tomatoes (leftover from pizza the other night), spring greens lettuce already on the bottom slice of that good ole Iron Kids bread.

Then I added some cooked bacon and a little bit of shredded cheese.

I slapped on another piece of bread and into this delightful contraption that has been around forever

The Super Snacker....we all love it!!! I just closed the lid and wandered around for a bit and stopped in my front hall to snap this pic

That's a big ole full moon shining through those high windows. I thought it was cool! Time to wander back to the kitchen and open up the Snacker!

See aren't they awesome looking!!!! No butter was harmed in tonights dinner. Just a little cooking spray on the SS and they pop right out.

Add a pickle and some chips and dinner is served.....oh wait I forgot

The ketchup!!! Must have ketchup on chips...what you say??? Uh helllooooo you eat ketchup on fries don't you??? Well chips and fries are virtually the same thing just sliced different!!! Try it I promise you will love it!

So later I decided hubster needed a treat so I got this out

And put it in here

And made this yummy treat

And took it to him in his office where I thought he was doing some work. Turns out he was playing some football game on the computer!!

Anyway, what kind of fun things do you whip up for dinner at the last minute??

Hopefully that's the man coming in so we can get to the gym, its really crowded since New Years. Gggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies my friends!!!
Samma signing out!

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