Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oyster Artichoke Soup....from Janie's kitchen

well happy humpdiddly dump hump day!!!   I told you it was gonna take a few days to get the weekend wrapped up. Today is the last of the weekend stuff however I cannot promise you much in the way of what tomorrow holds.  I had grits and ice cream for dinner last night cause my face still kinda hurts and the hubster is getting a crown this morning so his face is gonna hurt tonight.  Never fear..... LL and I are on a craft bonanza today so hopefully I'll have you some goodies tomorrow.

Sunday morning amidst the remaining oysters and shrimpies the dear hubster all of a sudden remembered his mom's oyster artichoke soup and between the stories he was telling he managed to find the recipe in one of her binders! Yipppeee so off to the store he went.  Let's do this and don't scoff...this was actually really good and believe me I had my doubts!!

Cast of characters

1 pint the liquid                                
1 Tbsp corn or vegetable oil
1 1/2 sticks of butter                                              
1 bunch green onions, , chopped
1 onion, chopped                                                   
8 Tbsp flour
2 cans chicken broth                                               
1 lg can mushroom pieces w/ water
1 can of water                                                        
1 can artichoke hearts
1/4 tsp thyme                                                          
1 can evaporated milk

cook the oysters in the liquid until it comes to a boil. When oysters curl around the edges (this doesn't take long), drain reserving the liquid.

Place butter and oil in pot to melt, then add green and regular chopped onions.  Saute until tender

To the onion mixture add flour and stir and cook on medium heat until combined.  Do NOT brown (oddly enough we aren't making a roux here peeps).

Add the chicken broth, mushrooms w/ their liquid and 1 can of water to the mix.

Next add the oyster liquid and the liquid from the artichokes.

Chop up your oysters and artichokes.

Bear with it folks....I know they can gross you out but just forge on and just chop those babies up.  Go back and think of happier things in your life to distract you.  :0)

Add those to the soup and let cook a few minutes.
Next we need to add in the can of evaporated milk, thyme and then salt and pepper to taste.   Don't boil the soup, just let it warm gently on the stove.

And there you have it!!!    Easy peasy and you lived through chopping up those oysters and now you are ready for some good soup.....well, as soon as you grab a bowl and a spoon and some french bread of course!    Enjoy the soup peeps as I was very skeptical but I ended up liking it alot especially after I tossed out the mushrooms!   sorry...not a mushroom fan! 

Well I am off to get the day started on the treadmill and get ready for our craft bonanza today.  See you tomorrow with all kinds of non-cooking cause our faces hurt kind of fun!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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