Friday, January 7, 2011

My faves of 2010

Hi deee hooo gang!!!

Well since everyone else in blogworld is posting their faves from 2010, I figured I better jump on the wagon myself and take care of this!   What better way to kick myself back into gear and get back on here everyday!  Some of these may or may not have actually made it onto the blog  :0)

I have to say January meant out with the carpet in with the wood!  I got new floors, had hubster's college friends in town for a swim team reunion, kiddos back to college and school and a new year.

brings the Superbowl, birthdays and Valentine's Day but my favorite was definitely our Superbowl party. So many friends and of course, hubby's Saints won!  This is a shot of the food table and the Saint's inspired King Cake from Paul's Pastry made the food table complete. 

Well technically the most exciting thing in March was another birthday and I finally got my rockers from Cracker Barrel and we got to get outside and plant!!!   But I figure I better give you food in this list somewhere!!  This is the Italian Vegetable Ragout w/ Couscous and Tilapia dinner and the link to the yumminess!

Well April brought more sunshine and spring days and FLOWERS!!  I love flowers, I really do!  But this find was by far the best of the month........Janie's spaghetti sauce.  If you are new to the site, Janie was my MIL, she has passed but many of her recipes were found and the girls requested the spaghetti sauce and we were successful!   Thanks Janie, we love you and miss you!
Here's the link to Janie's Spaghetti sauce
May brought us another birthday, an unexpected trip to Florida to look at real estate, the end of the first year of college for two of our kiddos, a big fun family vacation, more flowers and LOTS of new baby birds!
I'm posting one of the pics of the whole fam damily from Universal Studios.  We had a blast!

June brought us fresh produce, HOT HOT weather, a trip to Schlitterbahn and lots of fun!  The one recipe of the month is a favorite for everyone!  Some kind of amazing chicken and it's definitely always a hit.

More heat, a 4th of July party, one kiddo heading back for summer school, sealing the granite counter tops, learning to make wine bottle lamps and more beautiful fresh produce.  But our favorite recipe of the month was a pizza that reminded us of the Dominican republic.

Brings back to school for everyone, a trip all over the greater Ft Worth area with Flat Stanley, the return of high school football, a trip to the circus, a car accident with no injuries (except the car and the nerves of one poor 19 yr old girl), a Vera Bradley surprise, and more HOT weather!  There was a pattern for the summer!
Anyway, I think this was one of my favorite dinner's.  No cooking in the house and soooo yummy for a hot summer day. Here's the link and the photo!

Brought a new toaster (woohoo), rediscovered a long last fragrance from my youth, a new label maker, a Rangers baseball game, the Dave Matthews Band in concert, massive bulk cooking for the college kiddos and a friend of the family getting married.   Busy month so it warrants two pictures....

and the biggest item of the month......  A NEW CONDO IN FLORIDA!!
How blessed are we?!!  Amazing year.

We made our first trip to our new condo at the beach, it was a road trip with 4 of our dear friends.  An adults only trip that was a blast and a much needed break for all of us!  So much fun we're doing it again this year.  Columbus Day weekend in Ft Walton Beach may never be the same again!!   Of course October brought lots of yummy food, Halloween decorations and craft projects and some surgery for me.  I'm dwelling on the good stuff here!

Brought us Thanksgiving, another trip to Florida, a trip to San Diego with the hubster,  a crazy adventure in Mexico, the Blue Angels and lots of fall decorating!

Can you believe it's been a whole year!!   WOW time is flying.  December brought the kiddos home from college, shopping, decorating and all the joys that Christmas bring!  We had some good meals but we had good times and that's the part to remember.

2010 is the past and I hope you take a minute to reflect on all the good and wonderful things in your life and make a point to make 2011 a little better.  Let's be kinder to each other and accept our differences and embrace the gifts from God.  Bless each of you and your families this bright new year!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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