Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wed. craft projects and a REALLY bad dinner

Well folks the week is passing by quickly!!  I hope you are enjoying it and aren't too cold.  It feels like January here in Texas but we don't have snow so I think lots of you are waaaaay colder than we are.
Anyway dream of warmer temps and longer days and this January shall pass soon enough.

So yesterday I was inspired by some things I saw in catalogs so I went to Michaels and the dollar tree to see what I could find.  Found several things at the first suprise there!!  However the dollar store was quite disappointing.  I usually find all sorts of things there but found nothing yesterday.  I shall press on to the Hobby of Lobby tomorrow and see what I can conjure up there.  :0)

I've been loving all the subway art I'm seeing all over the bloggity blog world. And so many wonderful creators are willing to share their downloads for free.   Since my house still feels a little barren after the holidays I thought I might try out a few.  First up was a spiritual printable.  I found this little lovely over at a sweetie new blog I'm checking out called Fussy Monkey Business.  She is a delight and I loved this subway art even though it matched nothing in my house color wise. However my soul needed this so I found a spot for it.
Here is my take on her printable

I think the frame was on sale for $4 at Michaels yesterday soooooooo I found this spot for it to hang
Yes my is my laundry room!!!  The door to the garage is on the left side of the photo and you guessed it, we pretty much come and go through this area.  And just because I want you to know how much I love ya I'm gonna show you the whole mess of the room.

As we can see I have towels that need to go upstairs to the girls bathroom and the beautiful beach towel on top of the dryer is for the sweet puddy tat Lilli.  Her food and water are up there so the very hungry Kiss dog can't eat them!   The rest is just laundry room mess......what can I say.  I thought this might be a good place to put those reminders.  I can see them when I walk in the room, as I'm walking out to the garage and as I am doing laundry.  Should be a great reminder for me every day.  If you would like to print your own copy just head right over to her SITE and print yourself one and while you are there browse around.  She's got some cutie patootie stuff going on over there.

Now, a little Valentines Day printable is in order.  Once again I picked the frame up on sale at Michaels for like $3.   Just printed this puppy out and then added a few little felt flowers to jazz it up. This one came from another blogger and her name is Becky Higgins (just click her name and it should pop you over to the link)  and I've also added her to my google reader feed.  That little jobber is filling up but I love all the creative people in the world who want to share their talents!!   This is what we started with...
The "love one another" was the printable and I chose to print mine in the 5x7 size.  She has 4 sizes to pick from and two color choices!!   Free and choices... how awesome is she??!!!!   I loved the little printable and once I got it in the frame it felt lonely so I added those red felt flower stickers to the glass. They will pluck right off when I'm ready to fill that frame with another little goody, probably something for St. Paddy's day would be my guess.   It's just in the formal living room hanging out so sweetly.

That red candy dish is still holding onto some Christmas chocolates but hey...they still work for Valentines Day too!   I found more craft inspirations today while having my sandwich that I hope to share with you soon and  hopefully I'll find the remaining pieces to finish my other Valentine craft idea. 

Onto dinner....and I must apologize. Really please forgive me
yes, I had a Happy Meal for dinner.  It was late when we left for the club, then we went to Sprouts (it was Wednesday you know!). By the time we left the store it was really late and I was really hungry because I did 1/2 hr on the elliptical at home yesterday then 1/2 hr on the treadmill at the club plus all my running around shopping for craft supplies and tidying up the house and grocery shopping.  A girl gets hungry you know!
So I begged the hubster (who HATES McD's) to stop and get me a happy meal.  I remember from my weight watcher stint that a hamburger happy meal is a pretty decent choice in a pinch.  It was actually pretty tasty...burger and fries were both hot and I got a little pony. hee hee   It's the little things peeps, the little things.  I wish I could promise you so much more for tonight but hubster got a crown this morning so it may be soup this evening.  

So tell me....what's your "if I have to eat fast food" choice?  What do you usually grab that isn't a bazillion calories and doesn't make you feel too guilty when you just have to eat on the run?  eh, it happens every once in awhile and in my book...that's ok 'cuz sometimes everything else is more important and if you are lucky you even get a toy!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

p.s.  How do you like my new signature?  I think it is too swa-eat!!!

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