Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Well it's Monday and we started out with a trip to the dentist for the Mere and I. We were all clear on the cavity front but I still need two more crowns and after my last crown experience I've been reluctant to go. I finally caved and scheduled them for next Monday....ugh but I'm telling you if a storm is in the forecast I'm not going!!!! You can't make me relive that horrific experience again!!! Anywho it was a dreary weekend of not doing much so I give you a synopsis of the weekend Yummies at home.

I went to lunch with Missy Lou on Friday and made a pit stop at the Hallmark store before heading home. I spotted these at the checkout!!! Oh y'all I had no idea they still made these and you have no idea the rushing flood of memories that came over me when I saw it. I swear I was back in downtown Paducah with my Mama on a Saturday afternoon. I used to look forward to the new year and the new hallmark calendar. Every smell of that store was so clear. Crazy how something can bring back such a rush of memories when you least expect it. It's in my purse making me smile every time I see it!! I bet my children will never have that same rush of memories from seeing a blackberry or an iPhone in thirty years!!!

Sorry back to the food had to make a u turn on memory lane. The hubster decided to make veggie soup Saturday. This was his ingredient pile...

These were his spices

-I have no directions for you but I have a few more pics. He's a freestyle cooker.

Then I made some cornbread

Then we had some dinner

And then I got to clean up my stove....hazard of the hubster making a HUGE pot of soup

How huge??? Huge enough to feed 3 of us, lunch for hubs today, a big bowl of leftover in the fridge AND all this for the freezer.

Court and Abogg will have a treat to take back to school the next time they visit!

Sunday morning brought some eggs and biscuits for breakfast.

The hubster's skillet

Now we need some cheese of course

His plate of eggs with jalapeños and pepperoni and some biscuits.

Now time for mine

Mine had some black olives, jalapeños and canandian bacon. Then cheese of course!

Now...can anyone tell me how you clean this mess????

Seriously!!! I can never get a scrambled egg mess clean without it soaking for hours and hours and then scrubbing!!!

Since Mere and I had dental appointments today she got to spend Sunday night with us and wanted to make flat bread pizza for we did!

A few of the ingredients and now Mere's pizza

Hers is on the left. It has pickles and pepperonis and cheese. We made hubby one (so he wouldn't eat ours when he changed his mind). His has pepperoni, jalapeño, green peppers, tomatoes. He ate it and was glad we decided to make him one even though he said he didn't want one.

Mine had olives, pepperoni, tomato, green pepper, corn, and jalapeño.
They were soooooo yum that I have no finished pictures. Guess the Mere and I were hungry!

As a last note we saw the sun today!!! Yes it is still out there!!! Hope it hangs around for awhile I've missed it. See ya tomorrow and REALLY send me any tips you have for cleaning up after scrambled eggs!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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