Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Happy Dance!!!

Well it is time to Friday Happy dance!!!! I'm just hanging out at home with none other than Ms. Leslie from New Orleans. Long time friend of the hubsters and she surprised him with a visit...well when he gets home it will be a surprise! She is a hoot and normally comes out to watch the Saints in the playlets but as fate would have Saints this year. I made this for her to ease the pain.

This is my Who Dat lamp. She is a BIG Saints fan so it's perfect for her.

Last night hubby had a sore face so I had this

Yep, it was cold and tomato soup and grilled cheese hit the spot. My soup isn't red because I mix milk instead of water in my soup. I only tell you that because hubster asked me why the soup wasn't as red as usual. My mama made it that way so I make it that way too! Mama's are usually right about these sorts of things. So do you use milk or water?? What did your mama use?

Sore face hubby had this

Yep that is broccoli and then he squirted this on it

I'm personally a cheese lover on my broccoli but hey, it was his choice.
A little bit later I decided I wasn't quite satisfied so I found some cookies hiding in the fridge from Christmas.

Hey reindeer are still good in January!!!

Gotta run my peeps and hang out with Bowes!!!

Peace,Love and Yummies !!!

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