Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dinner and a move....

Got ya...I said diner and a M O V E.  I am posting and heading out to Waco to pick up the boy from school.  Finals are done and it's time to come home for a little bit and visit with mom  :0)

Dinner last night.....good and so so so so easy, it was compliments of the Schwan's man!

Let's roll

Cast of Characters:

First up:  get the grill preheating on med-high then follow the directions on the rice and get it started.  Instead of water I used chicken broth for the rice.   Broth just gives the rice a little ooomph.

The shrimp come out of the box like so:

you pop them on the grill and let them cook about 6-7 mins on each side. Pull them off and slap some rice on a plate and this my friends is dinner!

Told you it was easy!!  Now, if you will pardon me I have to go see Jack Bauer rip a man's guts out.  Seriously...he did that!  All to get a phone SIM card.  Dude is whacked out!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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