Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Happy Dance.....but no Thursday nite dinner

Well it's Happy Dance peeps!

We didn't have dinner last night because Mere had a dance program at school, so off we go. 
After all these years of dance you think we'd be getting the hang of photos with movement down pat...buuuuuuttttt unfortunately not.  However there are a few cool shots and that's what I'm sharing with you today!

The entire theatre was dark so all you could see was the glow sticks but Jeff was up by the stage so he got some photos.  Pretty cool....

They did a cool job with the glow sticks!

here are just a few dance shots:

I think it's cool how their hair is flying around..but then again, I'm a little odd sometimes.

and just look at this can tell she's having fun!

The stomp portion of the routine

 and just to show you how fast they grow up....
this is 2006, just 4 short years ago

Peace, Love and Yummies folks and Happy Mothers Day!!

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