Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo Hump Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Hump Day!!

Updates from the yard.....(yeah more bird and flower pics...sorry, pretend like you are interested, it makes me feel better!)

Ok, we now have 5 new baby birds...killing my hanging basket but I'm gonna give 'em a break!
I think there are five... some pics look like 5 some look like six.  They are making it very difficult to water that plant and it's 90 degrees this week!!  good thing they are cute!!

Now, let's check the vegetable progression:
Cucumbers April 20
Now we have them on May 5th.. check out all those blooms!!! We have to get the trellis started soon.

Now, the squash on April 20th...

Looking good, but check them out on May 5th!
How crazy is that!!!  There are soo many blooms, you can't even see most of them!

Onto the zucchini, which if you remember was planted several weeks after the other veggies. This is them on April 20th.

This is them today, May 5th!  No blooms yet but I think it's getting close!

And one more update on the yard, my new climbing rose bush has it's first rose!

Ok....enough with the yard...onto dinner!

Last night we had pulled pork sammies and tots and root beer floats. 

Cast of Characters:

Pork tenderloin, pork butt, pork shoulder  (you decide)
1 12oz can root beer
1 bottle BBQ sauce....your choice!

Put the pork into the crock pot and pour the can of root beer over the top.
I have to admit, this looks groooooossssss!!  I am not fond of raw meat.  Moving on, slap a lid on that puppy and turn the crock pot to low.  Let it cook all day, 8 hours!

Now, when they time has come.... dump off the root beer and pull the pork apart.

I left the tongs in the photo because that's what I used to separate the pork meat. It's super tender and falls apart without any effort. 
Now dump that bottle of BBQ sauce over the pork and slap it back in the crockpot on low until it's warmed or until dinner time.

Napoleon DynamiteWhile this was warming, I slapped some tots  (please speak about your tots in the best Napoleon Dynamite imitation you can do) in the oven and when everything was done I plated it up and we had a nice little dinner. 

You will notice there is leftover coleslaw on my pork and some pickles....'cuz that's how this Kentucky girl rolls!!  

Since I cooked the pork in root beer I decided to have a special treat of Root Beer Floats with dinner.  Hubby loves the Root Beer Float, that's how he rolls.

Peace, Love and Yummies Amigos!

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