Monday, May 10, 2010

post Mothers Day Monday

Good Monday Morning peeps!

I am getting ready to kick off Monday super busy style as my Tuesday is going to be spent moving Alex home from college. I can't believe it's the end of his first year of college!  WOW time flies!!

Let's see if I can recap the weekend for you:

Friday night met some friends at Sammie's BBQ for dinner and drinks out on the patio.  Really nice evening for having dinner outside!!  Then we all came back here for some scrabble, outburst and snatch.   Fun night.

Saturday, hubby and I spent the morning roaming around to Lowes, Home Depot, The Plant Shed and Sprouts gathering up various essentials.  Rode home in the car with the top down with a crepe myrtle tree and two rose bushes flying around in the back seat.  Needless to say, I had to clean my car out too.  To the man on Hwy 377 on the motorcycle behind us....sorry about all the leaves flying back on you.  :0)

Saturday night we went over to Tinseltown to see Iron Man 2. GREAT!!!  As good as the first so basically I'm telling you....we had movie popcorn for dinner. Yeah....nutritious I know!

Sunday, we lazied around and did nothing until DING DONG, and the doorbell rings and when I open the door there stands my sweet son with a bouquet of pink roses!!  Happy Mothers Day!    ahhhh......what a nice surprise!  His last final at school is this morning so he was supposed to be studying but he and hubby conspired against me and surprised me!    We had a nice early dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse and then home to watch the finale of my fave show....Amazing Race.  Disappointed my cowboys didn't win, hmmm that sounds like something I would say during football season!

There we have the pink roses mixed with last week's yellow daisies.  LOVELY!!  oh, and what is in that delightful little sack.??????
Cherry Cream Cheese Kolaches baybeee!!!
Also, two pimento cheese stuffed jalapenos.  If you go through West, Texas you seriously must make a stop at the Czech bakery. 

Happy Monday folks and remember....
Peace, Love and Yummies!

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