Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunny Thursday and more birdie photos

These little boogers are soo cute.... I had to get a small bucket so I could climb up to the basket and water the flowers.  It's been really warm and the Aviary Birthing Center is wrecking havoc on this one basket but when I peeked in so I could pour the water beside the nest.......

  Is this not the cutest thing??!!!  They were all straining their little beaks into the air, hungry little things!!

I know, I'm more than slightly obsessed with this second batch of birds.  I can hear them chirping all day and Mama Birdy is hanging around a little more if I'm out on the porch as long as I don't look like I'm gonna be up around the nest.  :0)    

It's just crazy when you stop and take a few minutes to appreciate God's little miracles all around us!

I know you are wondering....hmmm, did that crazy chick cook dinner last night or not.  Well, yes I did thank you.  I just don't have any recipes to share.  Why??  you ask.   Well, because dear hubby made the marinade for the chicken and if you know him then you know.... we never have the same marinade twice.  He just refrigerator dumps at his free will and then we get marinade. Sometimes really good, sometimes not so much.   Last night...good one.  He started this one with the Wings21 nuclear hot's a some a spicy chicken! (this should be said with your I TAIL YUN accent)  hee hee

Last Saturday we ventured over to Sprout's and picked up a few things and I had chopped up a cucumber and tomato and plopped them in some vinegar but completely forgot it was hanging out in the fridge.
So then I just whipped up some boxed Three Cheese Potatoes.  
 Tsk Tsk...hey, I bet Martha Stewart even takes a shortcut now and then.  Well, maybe not ........

It was a good dinner and since I went to get propane yesterday hubby grilled the chicken and all was right in our world.   :0)

Peace, Love and Yummies folks.....go grill the weather is perfect!

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