Monday, April 12, 2010

2 avocado's and free assortment from the weekend

well, we had friends in from Atlanta so my cooking and such took a back seat to better things like shopping and having fun!  This post is a mishmash of weekend things:

First of all....this egg has been staring at me like this since Easter but it makes me giggle
please pay no attention to my dirty tea pitcher on the right..... just laugh at that silly looking egg!  Thanks Alex for making me laugh when I opened the fridge...but I think your egg went in the potato salad  ;0(

Now this is what you have on Saturday night when your company is safely on the plane and headed back to Atlanta and everyone is too tired to even think....
This is really hard so pay close attention..... Go to the freezer and find the Buffalo Chicken Nuggets from the Schwan's man and put those in the oven however the bag tells you. Or, you can use the regular nuggets like Mere had, Banquet I think.  Put some lettuce in the bottom of a big salad bowl and then start going through the fridge and put anything on your salad that looks good and then enjoy!!!  Oh, we also had crescent rolls...because I found some of those while I was digging around for cheese.  You just never know what you will find in the fridge!

Now yesterday while hubby was taking the Mere back home these 2 avocado's ( do you spell more than one avocado??)  anyway, they were calling to me.  Listen carefully and you can hear them say  "we're wasting away over here by the stove..please eat us".  So I figured what the heck and I drug out some of their friends
I didn't use the lemon...sorry I'm a lime lover in my guac but yep, that's a tiny little clementine in the picture.  Trust me, a shot of orange juice in your guacamole makes an amazing difference!
Now then I also had some fresh tortillas leftover from dinner on Thursday night and they were begging to be saved from the garbage so I saved them by doing this:
After you cut them all up then you spray some Pam on them and sprinkle with a little salt and I bake them on 375 degrees until they are golden and crispy then I snacked!
sooooo yummy and good for my hair and skin  :0)

And now.... I give you an extra fat cat Lilli
I think hubby snapped a pic of her sometime last night because I found this when I was pulling off the other pictures from the camera card.   She's 7 years old and not as friendly as she used to be.  You play and touch at her request and she will decide when your time is up.... we shall call her Queen Lilli and with that I bid you
Peace, Love and Yummies!

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