Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yogart and popcorn

soooo, you just ever have one of those days where it becomes ridiculously embarrassing to tell people what you had for dinner??  That was yesterday!

So, I am hanging out yesterday with the ladies on my street chatting and looking at everyone's gardens and landscaping and I don't make it back in the house until around 1:45 and I'm soooo starving so I make myself a flatbread pizza.  If I had know dinner was gonna turn out so bad  I would have taken pics of the pizza!  So about the time I'm finishing up my late lunch hubby texts me that he had some big lunch and didn't really want much dinner so I went back outside and did some weedwhacking in the yard.
Hubby and I head out for the afternoon dog walk and we end up over on Timberland in Keller and there just so happens to be this great little yogart place and I said "too bad we don't have any money or we could have some yogart" and he proceeds to whip out the debit card!!  Ah, just like a boy scout...always prepared for a froyo emergency. So hopefully I'm not in violation of copywright regulations but this is the place ( I stole the pic from the Keller Chamber of Commerce, they must not have a website yet)

Serving Organic Coffee, Frozen Yogurt and Pastries!

Blue Cherry
12400 Timberland Blvd., Ste. 100
Keller, TX 76248

so we stuffed ourselves with yummy froyo and many fruit and asst. topping and then headed back home. It was time to take some compost over to Chuck and Sue and then return Rod's truck but I had to stop at WalMart because the dog ate all the cat food. grrrrrrrrrr
So we finally get home and it's after 9pm and I've missed LOST and I'm so ready to hit the recliner and absorb the final episodes of my fave show with some popcorn.  So yes, folks we seriously had frozen yogart and popcorn for dinner.

Please don't judge me, I promise to attempt to find something more decent for dinner tonight.  Happy Hump Day!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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