Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day... so we are in the garden

Since today is Earth Day and we had "whatever" from the fridge last nite we are gonna head outside.  Lucky you, I'm gonna show you the progress the plants have made since March 30th.  Aren't you glad you stopped by today!!!   Don't answer that, I just prefer to believe everyone is so interested in my backyard.

First up the squash and bell pepper pots:
Amazing what happens in such a short amount of time!!

Now we have the cucumbers and peppers:
The cucumbers are looking a little yellow in the leaves but I've been throwing in banana peels and coffee grounds and some fertilizer, hopefully they are coming around!

The Basil:  In the first pic it's in the smaller golden yellow pot

Now for some before shots of the tomato plants, you can see one of them in the left picture above:
Now, let's see those tomato plants today!

and the best part....

look at all those tomatoes!!!!!

I finally found some zucchini too so we have a new edition

Also remember there was some discussion about the roses and how I thought we needed more but hubby thought three was enough.........well, I added two more :0)

This is three rose bushes plus the dahlia's

and this is five...much better!
My picture isn't too great but you get the idea, it's looking more "full" and I'm going to add some additional filler flowers. Thinking another couple of dahlia's (if I can still find them) and some smaller ground cover.  I'll keep you posted for sure!

In the meantime I leave you with this sunny photo......I'm thinking of enlarging and framing this to pull out next January.

Peace, Love and Yummies something good for Earth Day today!

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