Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday afternoon pot roast

Well's Monday and the weekend is gone.  Boy, did it go by quickly!!!    Friday night there was a Snatch rematch ...mind outta the gutters folks this is a family friendly site!!!    Just for the record... I beat my hubby AGAIN!!  So far this is the only thing I can find that I can beat him at... he's VERY competitive when it comes to games.    Saturday was filled with shopping (hubby needed new work clothes) and then we met friends at the Southlake Arts Festival. Gorgeous Saturday night hanging out with friends and eating kettle corn for dinner.   It's ok, we had a REALLY BIG lunch and just wanted a snack for dinner.  Hung out in the Apple store where hubby offered to buy me the iPad I've been begging for and I thought he was just teasing me but I think...he just might have been serious.  Stupid stupid stupid me..... I really want that iPad, especially after I actually got to touch and play with it.    After the festival we all went over to a new yogurt place in Roanoke.  Have you noticed my slight fascination with frozen yogurt lately??  Anyway, this one I enjoyed much more than the one by our house.  It's called Yogurt Story in Roanoke, Texas. This is a link to their Facebook  page  By the way the Red Velvet Cake flavor is most awesomest!  Try'll love it!

Moving on.....yesterday morning hubby and I got up early and left 2 of the 3 dependents sleeping the morning away and headed outside to finish off the front flower beds.  You can see the finished product:

I'll have updates later this week as I've ripped out all the pansies and planted new blooming flowers for the summer.  Actually, I have the right hand side finished....much work to do today on the left.

Mere asked on Friday if we could have roast beef for lunch on Sunday before she went home. Since we all love roast beef.....dinner is planned!

Here we go folks!!  It's good and it's easy!!!

You are going to need some potatoes, carrots and celery and then you need to cube them up and put in the bottom of a crock pot like so:

add the celery

Now we need the star of the show.....the roast beef. This one is sirloin tip but you get whatever cut you prefer.

Just plop that baby right on top of the veggies. Now mine was thawed as we just purchased it but if yours is's ok, just drop that frozen puppy right in there the same way. It's all good in the crock pot world.

Time to add some flavor...

1 pkg of the Lipton onion soup mix, 1 can of Golden Mushroom soup and 1/2 can of water.
Drop all that over the top of that pretty little piece of meat

Slap the lid on the crockpot, flip the switch to on and cook that baby on Low ALL DAY LONG.  At least 8 hours.   I put everything in my crockpot before bed Saturday night then Sunday morning I woke up and dropped it all into the base at 7:15 in the morning and got it started cooking while we were slaving away in the yard.   We had dinner around 4 and this is the blessed joy that emerges from the warm
crockpot bosom:

We had some green beans, some creamed corn and bread. The gravy for this roast is also most excellent so I put that in the gravy boat and dinner was served.   Next time you need a good hearty remind you of Sunday's at your grandmothers meal.......pull out the crock pot and have a roast, you'll be so glad you did!

Peace, Love and Yummies folks...I'm off to conquer Monday!

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