Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday ponderings and yesterdays food...

So my sweet hubby just calls when I'm trying to finish up my Wii workout and tells me that the blog needs to be up by 9:15!  haha  He's sooooo funny!!!!   So, I finished my workout and now I'm confessing the food sins of yesterday.

First of all I'm going to confess my lunch yesterday and I'm pretty sure my mama (who actually fed me this before...many times??) and I are the only ones to do this. It's carb overload but you should try it...REALLY!!

This is a potato salad sandwhich people....I'm not crazy either :0)
and this is what happens when you start to feel bad about all the carbs you are about to consume:

See...you slice up a tomato and now you got veggies to go with those carbs. But wait, potatoes are veggies and eggs are protein so in a sense I had veggies and protein on whole grain bread. Seeee...not so bad when you look at it that way!!

Ok, please stop judging me and look at the next pictures of my new hanging baskets of double petunias and the parents of the baby birds on my back porch.

see, don't you feel a little better!

And now that we have all forgotten about the potato salad incident and enjoyed a moment of spring let's move on and talk about dinner.

First you have to go to the freezer and stand there with the door open and think about what you feel like making for dinner that doesn't require a trip to the store.  You find frozen ore-ida sweet potato fries and two hamburger patties. PERFECTAMUNDO

Thaw out those patties and then when you are ready just sprinkle on some steak seasoning and black pepper and fire up the grill.  Hubby usually does the grilling but I'm taking over tonight.  Stick those fries on a baking sheet and get them in the oven so they will be done when the burgers are.  Now while those burgers are grilling up you better get busy with toppings.  See ours below:
Feel free to modify as you see fit. If my potato salad lovin mama was here she'd insist on a big onion slice but she's in Florida so no onions.
Now those burgers probably should be flipped and grilled on the other side by now.  Also, while that first side that is done is hanging out and waiting plop a big ol' dab of bbq sauce and smear it around.  Then when the other side is cooked give them a quick flip and bbq up the second side. They only need to cook for a minute or two on with the bbq sauce or they might char and that's gross. Then you need to slap a piece of cheese on those babies, we used pepper jack cuz we're just spicy that way!

ooooo please stop drooling on your keyboard now because you know you have a burger craving all of a sudden.   When that cheese is good and gooey then take 'em on in the house and plate 'em up like so!
Then take those plates outside and sit a spell on the back porch in the rocking chairs and dinner becomes amazing!
Peace, Love and Yummies ...now go grill something it's springtime!

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