Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Night Mexi Chicken

Ok.....this one is too easy folks. You can make some nachos or some burritos with this, whatever you feel like:

Cast of characters:
Chicken  ( I use boneless, skinless chicken thighs_they don't dry out the way chicken breasts do And just dump 'em in the crock pot frozen)
1 pkg of Taco Seasoning
Can of tomatoes
Can of mexican chili beans ( I had none so I used the ranch beans with jalapenos)
Can of black beans
Sm can chopped green chilis
Sm can sliced black olives

Dump everything in the crockpot (don't drain anything but the olives)
Let it cook on low for about 8 hrs and then this is what you get if you make nachos like I did
(ooh, I had some corn leftover in the fridge so I threw it in too..for grins and giggles)

Now, this is how I finish off an amazing plate of nachos for dinner!

Like I said folks, easy as pie.

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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