Friday, April 23, 2010

Samma's Special Sandwich and Friday Happy Dance

Because yesterday was Earth Day and because my hubby is sweet to me....
I love flowers, I love Earth Day and I love my hubby!!!
Yes, that is an empty tequila bottle the flowers are in...just sayin'

Onto dinner

I had some potatoes leftover from something...maybe potato salad a few weeks ago?? I really don't know but in any case they were hanging out in the panty looking like they needed a purpose.

Here they are hanging out on my VERY bright pink cutting board with my Sonic cup. Which contrary to the above mentioned tequila bottle is what comes to my mind when you say Happy Hour.  Seriously, if you say Happy Hour to me it says Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke at Sonic.  Sad...I know

Moving on, it's time to cut up those potatoes.

Now once you get them cut up put them in a bowl and drizzle some olive oil all over the top of them. Then spread them all out on a baking sheet like so:

Now we are going to grab the salt, pepper and thyme.   Sprinkle those oiled up babies with salt and pepper and a light dusting of thyme.  Trust me on this one, you'll be glad you did.  Pop those right into a 375-400 degree oven and brown them all up.  I started on 375 to bake them slow and then when they were tender I bumped it up to 400 so they could get nice and toasty brown.

Now, while you are chopping up those potatoes you might tend to "shoot" a few around the room and onto the problem just call the dog!

This is Kiss cleaning up the potatoes I dropped...isn't that sweet of her??!!

Time for the sandwich.  This is my own creation which will be called S3 (Samma's Special Sammie) if my husband ever lets me fulfill my desire to open a bakery/deli. Until's just my secret. Well, yours now too!!  Enjoy!!

First thing, get your favorite bread or whatever you have.... today, we had fresh baked sourdough bread from Central Market.  I took 5 plastic wallyworld sacks there and they gave me a snazzy new reusable grocery bag.  Freedies are awesome!!

  LIGHTLY butter the outside of the bread slices.  I mean ever so gently and lightly. One of the few times I am going to tell you less is best when it comes to butter.

When you get that done you are going to take some spicy brown mustard and spread on the inside of the bottom piece of bread.  Hey, if you feel frisky put mustard on both halves.

Now it's time to add the turkey and tomatoes:

Looking good but let's heat things up a bit and add some jalepeno relish spread:

still not done...... we need some lettuce and some sliced pepper jack cheese

Now plop that other slice of bread on top and bump that oven up to Broil

As you can see I have my sammie's all ready for the oven on my Pampered Chef baking stone.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this stone and as you can see it's all dark brown and seasoned perfectly.  Now, it will probably break or some "dependent" at the house will wash it in the dishwasher and I'll have to find a Pampered Chef person and start all over again.  Cycle of Life baby!

Once you get those in the oven then we are going to watch it real close because we are on broil and when the top side is nice and toasty, pull them out and flip them over and let the other side bask in the broiling heat.

Pull them out and serve 'em up peeps!!   Then go watch Survivor and be VERY upset that J.T. was such a trusting soul and is gone now.  Seriously folks, get RID OF RUSSELL!!!

Sorry, I's dinner!

Peace, Love and Yummies folks.....Friday Happy Dance!

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